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Please take a few moments to become familiar with our terms and conditions before purchasing or redeeming a gift voucher, or participating in our experiences. Our terms have been carefully considered, and are intended to be fair, and protect all parties equally (buyer, recipient, studios & staff, and us). If you would like clarification on any points, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. All of our gift experiences vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Booking of a session must have been made within this time else the voucher will become null and void. Provided you have completed the booking form via the 'Redeem' link on our website by the expiry date, we will honour the voucher for up to 6 months after that date. We do not extend vouchers regardless of the reason for non redemption.
  2. You undertake that all details you give to us at the time of booking and redeeming a voucher are correct. We need this information for us to contact you in regards to your booking or cancellation or relocation information or any other details we might need to contact you about which may mean your activity or experience might not be able to go ahead as planned. We will not be held responsible if this information is incorrect.
  3. We will pass on your details and any essential booking information to the studio that the gift recipient chooses to have their experience. The placing of an order by you will constitute consent to us passing over any such information. We do not supply personal information to non related third parties of any nature. Please see our privacy policy for more information.
  4. If any of your details change after booking, or redeeming your voucher, it is your responsibility to inform us of the changes as soon as possible.
  5. You will receive a unique presentation pack containing a voucher (valid for 12 months from date of purchase) with full details of the experience and how to book the exclusive session. Full details can be found on this website. Information provided on this website, specifically that relating to the gift experiences overrides any variations that may be noted in the presentation pack. Information within the presentation pack was correct at the time of going to press.
  6. The gift voucher pack will be posted via Royal Mail within 24 hours of your order . Please allow 1-3 working days for delivery. is not responsible for delays or non delivery of items posted in good time due to delays in the postal service where beyond our control. Most items are posted the same day for orders received before 4PM. Please contact us if you haven't received the gift pack within 3 working days of placing an order and we will happily investigate and issue a replacement.
  7. Once a voucher is sent out to you it is your sole responsibility to keep this safe as this may need to be presented in advance or on the day of your experience. Please ensure that you remember to take it with you on the day of your experience. We do not accept any responsibility for any lost or damaged vouchers that are un-readable that may lead to you not being able to undertake your experience. You agree to be bound by our returns and cancellation policies.
  8. Experiences may differ slightly from those shown in any images or videos on our website or printed material. These do show a fair representation of our experiences, but are intended for illustrative purposes only.
  9. Gift experiences are valid for use at any of our partner studios in the UK. Locations are subject to change and facilities, options and availability will vary between venues. If you have any extras that we are unable to supply at the time of your experience at your chosen location, we will let you know in advance and offer an alternative option to an equal or greater value, or a refund to the purchaser of the voucher for the original cost of the extras.
  10. All of our recording locations are professional commercial studios, photos of which can be found on our website at Some of our locations have multiple studios, which vary in size and specifications. The quality of audio recordings will not noticeably differ between studios. For locations with multiple studios, we always endeavour to secure your session into what we professionally deem to be the best studio available at the time of booking to suit your specific experience (i.e. singer, musician, party etc) to achieve the best recording. For larger sessions including parties, band experiences, and team-building events, we always strive to secure the main largest studios, and where this is not possible (e.g. it is already booked or under refurbishment) we will give you options of alternative studios we can offer for your session.
  11. Gift experiences cannot be redeemed for a cash alternative, nor may they be downgraded for a cash refund.
    No cash refund will be made for any unused time at the recording session.
  12. If a gift experience or open gift voucher is purchased 'erroneously', we are happy to offer a refund upon return of the gift pack (at your expense) within 14 days of purchase minus a fee of £20.00 to cover our administration, card handler transaction charges and postage costs incurred. We will not make refunds after this period, but you may transfer the voucher to another participant. (see below).
  13. Vouchers can be transferred to another person for a small administrative fee of £10.00.
    To transfer a voucher, please contact us quoting the voucher reference number with full details of the person to whom the voucher has been transferred. We will contact the original purchaser to ensure that the transfer request is valid.
  14. Open gift vouchers can be purchased on our site. These can then be redeemed on checkout in exchange for a gift experience and extras as required. Additional funds may be added as required.
    Open gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for a cash alternative, nor may they be downgraded for a cash refund.
    There is no expiry date of open gift vouchers. When redeemed for a gift experience, that will then be valid for 12 months from the date of redemption.
  15. If you would like to add more participants or additional time to the gift experience, you can upgrade your voucher or add to the existing voucher. To do this, please contact us at head office (not the chosen studio location) quoting the reference on the voucher and we can arrange this for you.
  16. Transferring or upgrading a voucher does not extend its validity. It will remain valid for 12 months from the original date of purchase.
  17. The stated time for experiences is a guide only and may vary depending on experience. It will not be less than advertised but may be longer, so please allow for extra time.
  18. We reserve the right to cancel and re-arrange sessions at any time for any reason.
    In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to do so, we will contact the lead participant by telephone and/or email as soon as we are aware of a problem, and make arrangements to reschedule subject to availability. We do not refund travel costs or any other costs incurred for rescheduled experiences, and as such, or its partner studios shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the participants or attendees as a result of rescheduling.
  19. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to arrive in good time for any experiences. Directions and address details will be provided upon booking. We accept no responsibility for late arrivals and the time allotted will be lost. For some experiences extra time may be booked and added onto an experience. Please call our customer services team for details.
  20. If the customer fails to attend their booked session without prior notice, the voucher will be invalidated and no refund shall be given.
  21. Any cancellations of the booking by the customer within 7 days (inclusive) of their experience will invalidate their voucher and no refund shall be given. Any extras booked, for example, (but not limited to) additional participants, vocal tuition, photo shoot etc. will also be cancelled and no refund shall be given.
  22. Popstar singer and musician experiences may be rescheduled free of charge following any cancellation of a booking by the customer up to 14 days (inclusive) before the booked session. Between 14 to 8 days (inclusive) of their booked date will incur a re-booking fee of £35.00. Please contact us to arrange this.
  23. Party experiences cancelled any time after after our booking confirmation email has been issued will be subject to 25% of the base package (i.e not including extras) cancellation/admin fee up to 14 days inclusive of the scheduled party date, 50% between 14 to 8 days inclusive of the scheduled party date.
  24. We will reschedule a party booking anytime up to 7 days inclusive of the scheduled party date (provided it is within 12 months of the purchase date) for an admin fee of 15% of the base package price.
  25. Confirmation and booking details will be sent by email and it is your sole responsibility to make sure you have received these in time for your experience. We will not accept responsibility for no shows and no refund will be given.
  26. Minimum age restriction of 8 years (without prior arrangement).
  27. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  28. We do allow spectators at recording sessions, and the maximum number of guests / spectators is four. All guests must arrive at the same time at the person(s) undertaking the experience else admission may not be possible if the session is underway.
    Spectators must be well behaved and quiet during recording and mixing sessions. Not doing so not only makes the sound engineer / producers job near impossible, but distractions will compromise the participants final CD. Please do not bring babies and young children to sessions. No pets will be admitted on studio premises.
  29. If participants or spectators behaviour causes concern in any way whilst they are any of our designated studios premises, we reserve the right to ask them to leave immediately. The session will be terminated and the voucher invalidated with no refund given.
  30. You are liable for any damage or breakages caused as a result of negligence. By attending the studio, you are bound by their breakages policy and you will settle any compensation payment direct with the studio manager/owner.
  31. We do not permit the use of drugs at any of our studio locations. Alcohol may be permitted within moderation at the discretion of the studio manager.
  32. Dates and times will be made available to the customer on a first come first served basis. Availability will vary between venues. Where preferred dates and times are not available, we will endeavour to arrange mutually available alternative dates and times. We cannot guarantee the exact dates or times that may be required by you, but we will endeavour to arrange convenient times for you.
    Allow at least 14 days between booking and your preferred date for the session. This will give us time to arrange everything for you, and time for you to rehearse to the backing tracks that we send to you.
    Our studios are busy commercial studios, so you may need to wait in excess of 30 days for an available date at busy times, so please book well in advance.
  33. For singing experiences, a number of backing tracks are included in each package. You will be asked to make your song choice upon redeeming your voucher on our website and we will send you the backing tracks for you to practise. It is your responsibility to let us know if we send you the wrong version or it is a version you are unfamiliar with at least 72 hours before your studio session.
    If you would like more songs than those included, or change your mind on a song choice after we have sent the tracks to you, you will need to re-order new backing tracks at least 48 hours before your session. This will incur a small fee per track at your expense to cover our costs.
  34. You may bring your own backing tracks to a recording session, and you should let us know by selecting this option when redeeming your voucher. We cannot guarantee the quality of the finished recording as the quality of the music on the final recording is dependent on the backing track that you supply.
  35. We guarantee the quality of all backing tracks that we supply and and we endeavour to procure the best possible versions that are as realistic to the originals as possible from a wide range of suppliers. Occasionally we are unable to procure backing tracks to some songs, especially more obscure songs or unreleased songs, and we shall advise you as such after you tell us your song choice so you let us know another choice.
  36. For musician experiences, you will need to supply your own instruments and amplification as required. Some of our studios do have instruments and amplification that may be used free of charged or hired. Please ask the studio manager upon booking your session for their equipment list and terms of use. You will be liable for any additional hire fees charged by the studio and any monies will be payable direct to them.
  37. By taking part in an experience you agree to the sound recordings, video footage and photographs being used for promotional purposes by and April Media Productions Ltd. on our websites and marketing websites including (but not restricted to) Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. If we do use any images for promotional purposes, we will never publish full names of any individuals shown, and will only use images of persons that are suitably dressed.
  38. Any alterations to the song mixes that you (the customer) may request after leaving the studio are chargeable to you direct by the studio at their discretion and at their prevailing studio rates. Any agreement or financial arrangement for work undertaken after your session booked through Ltd. is entirely between you and the studio.
  39. The rights to the sound recording, video footage and photographs taken during your recording experience will remain the property of
  40. CD recordings given to participants after their session are for personal use only and must not duplicated or distributed. If you wish to copy and/or sell or distribute your recording for any purpose, you must seek permission and most probably pay royalties to the respective composers / publishers via the MCPS/PRS Alliance. We can advise you of the correct procedures to follow upon request.
  41. Backing track usage and distribution by the customer is subject to the relevant UK copyright laws. The customer takes full responsibility for the usage of any such track.
  42. The final result of the recording will depend on a number of factors, most notably the performers ability and performance on the day, and the time spent to record, edit and mix the songs. Please bear this in mind when booking. It is your responsibility to ensure you perform songs that are comfortably within your vocal ability, are well rehearsed, and have booked enough time to do what it is realistic to achieve. We will manage the time of your studio session to keep you on track based upon our extensive experience, but are not responsible for incomplete recordings or mixes that you are unhappy with due to restraints including (but not restricted to) those mentioned above.
  43. All of our studios are professional commercial facilities that produce broadcast quality recordings. All sound engineers / producers work to the highest standards. If you are not happy with either the customer service you have received or the quality of your final recording / mix, we want to know about it. Please contact us and we will investigate your concerns.
    You may also send us positive feedback about your experience by the same method, or you can rate a product and give your feedback on our website.