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Mon-Sat 10:00AM-6:00PM
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Our recording studio experiences are suitable for all ages (7+) and abilities.

You must redeem your voucher within 12 months, even if the experience is to be held in the future.

We have numerous locations throughout the UK.  Select the LOCATIONS link on the menu to find out more about our studios.

All of our studios are excellent professional commercially active studios with highly experienced producers and sound engineers who will get the best performance out of everyone.  We provide the real deal at

Our gifts are suitable for all ages, although we have a minimum age restriction of 7 years old.

Simple go to REDEEM at the main menu on our website and let us know when and where you'd like your expereince and let us know of your song choices. We'll do the rest and will be in touch within a few days.

Yes! Our sessions include a professional sound recording producer to make participants sound fabulous and guide them through the entire process and get the very best out of everyone!


Simple go to REDEEM at the main menu on our website and let us know when and where you'd like your expereince and let us know of your song choices. We'll do the rest and will be in touch within a few days.

Yes you can! If you go to our SHOP and select EXTRAS & UPGRADES and look for  ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANTS you can order there for singers and musicians.
If it is an additional particopant for a video party you require, there is a seperate option for that (as it has a slightly higher surcharge).

You are welcome to bring spectaors. Spectators are strictly limited to a maximum of 4 without prior arrangement with the studio direct. You can ask them when they contact you to book in your session.

You are welcome to take your own photos or video or bring someone to do it for you. We ask that you check with your producer upon arrival so those taking images avoid  disrupting the session, or end up getting in the wayThere will be plenty of time at the end of the session to stage some photo's in and around the studio and the microphone!


You are more than welcome to take food and drinks. Most take sandwiches, nibbles and a cake. There is an area where you will be able to lay out food.
To maximise the recording time, we recommend grabbing a quick bite midway between songs for a few minutes, and then at the end of the recording session while the songs are being mixed is a good time to finish up and do the cake and take photo’s etc. Please discuss with your producer upon arrival.
We ask that if bringing food, you take a bin bag with you, clear up and take away all rubbish with you.

Some of our studios do allow takeaway food on the premises, however, it can be very disruptive for the flow of party events and so we highly suggest bringing your own food, or going out for food before or after your party.

Yes we do!  If you drop us an email, we can let you know what songs we know work really well for parties to help you narrow it down if struggling for ideas.


Thats entirely up to you. Obviously if they decide beforehand and know what they are doing it saves time and no excuses for not knowing the lines so the final result should end up better!
At our HQ studio, we tend to do their main song with everyone individually singing a line or 2 of the verses, and all do the choruses in unison. Any extra lines such as the middle 8 can be reserved for the birthday girl/boy!  Then the 2nd song just do in unison, or birthday girl does all verses and  everyone does choruses.
really up to them what they would like to do, but just don’t make it too complicated, such as all singing half a line each for example!
nice that everyone does get a chance to do a little solo, but if anyone isn't comfortable doing that, then they could sing with someone else to help them along.